About Glenn Philip 

Glenn, (Born 1965 in New York, USA) graduated with degrees in psychology and economics from Clark University in Worcester Massachusetts, and then relocated to New York to study product design and marketing.  In 1996 he traveled throughout SE Asia experiencing many cultures, and fell in love 3 years later with the beauty and pure energy of Bali, the island of the Gods and Goddesses.  While in Bali he began his healing journey working with Balinese healers and practicing Yoga.  In 2009 Glenn opened Gaia Retreat Center (GRC), a boutique holistic venue in Ubud with the primary focus of providing a platform where those upon the path of personal transformation and evolution may find inspiration they require.


The GRC hosts respected teachers from around the world offering retreats in Yoga, Raw Food, Tantra, Detox and Wellness, amongst others.  While living in Bali and traveling in USA as well as India Glenn has practiced and studied Spiritual Nutrition, Ashtanga Yoga, Energy Work, Tantra, Esalen Massage, Neuro-linguistic programming, Deeksha and Craniosacral Therapy. He has undergone over 10,000 hours of tuition with many renowned educators and practitioners, including best selling authors Dr. Gabriel Cousins, David Wolfe, Margot Anand, Jeffrey Armstrong, Jeremiah Abrams, Charles Eisenstein, Alex Grey as well as Anthony Robbins. His experience with master teachers has helped him develop a distinctive view of the world and the potential of human healing and transformation.  Glenn loves the Indian Vedic Lineage and has attended retreats learning from His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama, Sri Amma Bhagavan of the Oneness University, Manju Jois, and Mata Amritanandamayi, also known as Amma the hugging saint.

Skilled in Spiritual Nutrition, Transcendental Meditation, Deeksha Oneness Blessings, as well as biodynamic approaches to cranial work, Glenn is an active life coach, intuitive healer and a dedicated to spiritual growth.  Based on his experience with various holistic and alternative energy modalities, that address a wide variety of health concerns, as well as being structured towards attaining life goals, Glenn has acquired his own unique way of sharing his knowledge.

A devotee of his beloved teacher AmaraJi, and father to his teenage daughter Gaia, Glenn loves music, nature, eco product design, philanthropy and the opportunity to inspire self-empowerment in others, via a deeper understanding of self-love. 


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle hands-on modality releasing tension and disruptive patterns to re-establish the optimal flow of cranial rhythms throughout the body.  The cranial rhythm is a subtle wave created by the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluids that surrounds the brain and spinal cord, protecting and nourishing it.  Using a soft touch, restrictions are released, which can alleviate pain, increase mobility, reduce stress, improve body health function, and lessen the effects of injury, while optimizing brain function. Craniosacral is also excellent for addressing the emotional responses to trauma that have been held within the body.

During the session stressful patterns our bodies have adopted begin to unwind, making room for new vitality and a deep sense of relaxation, peace and contentment.  It is suitable for people of all ages including babies, children, and the elderly. The following are some of the more common conditions addressed by cranial work:

·       Anxiety and Emotional Disorders

·       PTSD - post traumatic stress disorder

·       Sleep Disorders/Insomnia 

·       TMJ, TMD - Temporomandibular Joint


·       Lower Back Pain

·       Neck Pain

·       Head Trauma

·       Bodily Trauma

·       Headaches/Migraines

·       Vertigo

·       Cerebral Palsy 

·       Systemic Disease

·       Myo-fascial Pain


The Oneness Deeksha

'Oneness' is the ability to experience our profound connectedness to the Whole of Creation while continuing, with more clarity, to perceive and experience its unique expressions of diversity.

In a safe and loving environment, we sit or recline and allow ourselves to comfortably observe and /or release, that which keeps us from experiencing Oneness, the joy of being alive and the potential we never dreamed we had.  From this awakening, through to our new perspective, our lives and experiences begin to shift naturally. 

The Oneness Deeksha is a flow of energy that has the capacity to bring about an immediate and profound shift.  It breaks through the entrenched mindset of our often feeling fractionalized inside and so separate from everything outside.  As a result we gain a greater sense of wholeness within and connectedness in relationship to the world at large. 

The Oneness Deeksha was first experienced in India.  Deeksha in Sanskrit is defined as “transmission or blessing”.  It can also mean “to initiate something within”, qualities within our potential that were previously dormant or difficult to access.   Experiences vary from quite palpable to the very subtle.  As we all have a unique composite of life experiences, strengths, wounds, beliefs, talents and stages of personal growth, The Oneness Deeksha brings about a shift in what is most needed at the time:


Benefits of Deeksha


Infuses vitality while healing the body and mind

Encourages abundance, unconditional love and joy

Awakens creative potentials, abilities and intelligence

An expansive shift in perspective in any aspect of our life 

Resolves inner conflict leading to inner peace and harmony

Evokes love, affection, friendship and a sense of connectedness A realization that even when it's painful, it's alright; it will move through

Oneness is the dissolution of the sense of a fixed, separate self

Initiates the journey into Self Awakening and God Realization